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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raptors baseball season has begun!

Last night was Opening Night of Raptors baseball and you know I was in attendance even though I left early from a corporate dinner and even though the BSU is ill. I figured she was asleep in bed so there wasn't much I could do for her by being home, so with her approval, I went to the ball game.

Sadly the Raptors ended up losing the game to the Orem Owlz, 7-3 but it was a fine ball game just the same. I didn't stick around for the fireworks due to the late hour but I did have a fine time even if I was there by myself. I did discover a change to Raptors baseball that did not make me happy though. It is spelled out in the following paragraphs that I emailed to the Raptor's front office this morning. There's a response from the team president below my email. Check it out-
MY EMAIL: Well I was happy as could be to be back in Lindquist Field last night for Opening Night. It is one of my favorite days of the year- the kickoff of the new season of Raptors baseball. My spouse and I frequently attend the games though last night I was alone and so I packed along my miniature radio so I could listen to Eric Knighton broadcast the play by play.

But, alas, Eric has moved on and apparently, the league has gone completely internet streaming for the audio for those of us who like to hear the play by play and color commentary. In my workshop when I am listening to a game from home, that won't be a problem but it will be a problem and disappointment when I'm in my car. Additionally, whatever file type is being used to stream the audio is not supported by my Apple iPhone and so I can't use that device's web connectivity to listen to the game.

Are you aware of any upcoming applications for the iPhone that will allow internet streaming of the audio? I know that there is an application for both watching and listening to MLB games for the iPhone, so I would really like to see a similar solution for minor league ball.<

Can you please pass along my concerns to the league to inquire if some portable solution could be implemented so I can catch many more of the games than I can attend? Thanks.

THE RESPONSE: Your concerns are mine as well. The fact is, we could not find a station that was even interested in broadcasting our games. There was one station willing but the prices were four times greater than we have paid for in the past. I guess the radio industry is doing okay but I simply cannot afford $600.00 per game.

We don't want to be on line only, and I hope a station will come calling here soon to volunteer their station
Dave Baggott,President, Ogden Raptors
There you have it; right now there's no radio broadcasting of the games and nothing in the pipeline to make it look like the situation will change. Bummer

UPDATE: I tried tonight to listen online using my laptop and that system isn't working! Good grief!

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